Veratrum album (Verat.) is easily recognized by its pronounced mentalemotional state or intense physical symptoms. Those who do well with Veratrum are excessively ambitious, haughty, and generally unconcerned about the effect of their behaviours and attitude on others. Their mental
restlessness can lead to mania or delusions of grandeur.
On the physical level, Veratrum is a remedy for severe or simultaneous vomiting and diarrhoea, cramps and spasms, profuse cold sweat, and
weakness or collapse. Historically, it was used for cholera as a treatment or preventative when those symptoms were present. With or without physical
symptoms, those needing Veratrum may complain about chilliness and crave sour flavours, salty things, cold drinks or ice.
Children needing Veratrum tend to be restless, precocious (advanced for age), curious or questioning. Easy frustration leads to repetitive behaviours such as nail-biting, stacking, cutting or tearing, and disobedience or behavioural problems with a lack of remorse.

Veratrum album (Verat.)

Mental-Emotional Symptoms
– Boastful, proud, haughty, self-righteous, persistent.
– Hard, harsh, critical or rude.
– Ambitious – every possible means employed with no one spared. Lying, cheating and deception – with no remorse.
– Focused on their position in society – think they are a great person who deserves better and should be recognized.
– Insanity, megalomania and delusions – think they are Christ or a messenger from God. Excessive praying.
– Squandering of money.

– Digestive upsets – especially spring and autumn or during menstrual period.
– Simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea (food poisoning, cholera).
– Projectile vomiting.

– Coldness and blueness of extremities, especially during collapse.

– Painful menstrual periods with coldness, vomiting diarrhea, and weakness or collapse.

– Profuse, cold sweat, especially on forehead or with weakness or collapse.

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