General Information

Hemlock (Conium maculatum) is probably best known as the poison by which Socrates took his life. Prepared in homeopathic potencies it is a safe treatment for types of paralysis, slowness and rigidity (mental or physical), hard glandular swellings or tumours, and complaints arising from sexual abstinence or suppression of sexual desire. Those needing Conium avoid the light, like salt, coffee and sour things, and find that wine or milk disagrees. Physical slowness or rigidity is worse on first moving but improves with continued motion.

Conium maculatum (Con.)

Mental-Emotional Symptoms

  • Slow deterioration in which the person becomes withdrawn, gloomy, closed, flat, hard, and dull. Mental dullness or confusion.


  • Vertigo, especially on lying or when turning in bed.


  • Photophobia – aversion to light. Watering with photophobia.

  • Tendency to styes.


  • Hard, swollen cervical glands.


  • Premature ejaculation. Impotence.

  • Ailments from suppressed sexual desire or abstinence.

  • Prostatic tumors or enlargement.


  • Perspiration on closing eyes or falling asleep.


  • Gradual paralysis starting in lower limbs.

  • Progressive weakness to the point of paralysis.

  • Difficulty rising from squatting because of weakness or paralysis.


  • Pain and swelling of breasts before menses (periods).

  • Types of breast cancer with hard lumps that often involve underarm lymph nodes.

  • Problems at menopause – vertigo, flushes, perspiration.

  • History of breast cancer associated with, or followed by, other Conium symptoms.

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