Stramonium (Stram.) is a remedy needed equally by children and adults for neurological injury or symptoms arising from fright and suppressed anger. (Causes of neurological injuries that respond to Stramonium include fever, poison, alcohol, infection, trauma, and vaccines.) The person may suspect or be fearful of violence and so will initiate or react violently, themselves. They are also frightened by darkness. Recurring spasmodic complaints such as chorea, twitches, jerks, and even convulsions fall within its symptom profile. Stramonium’s complaints and fears are worsened by darkness, running or glistening water, when alone, and by suppression of discharges or secretions (menses, perspiration, diarrhoea, etc). The person may stammer violently, dislike water, crave sweets, or have an intense thirst for sour drinks. Painful complaints (falls, injuries, etc) are often experienced as painless. Light and company improves symptoms.


 Mental-Emotional Symptoms

  • Fear at night and in the dark, especially in children. Wake with terror or with night terrors.

  • Fear of animals, especially those that could attack.

  • Fear of death, especially a violent death.

  • Fear of running water, reflective surfaces, and narrow enclosed places.

  • Sudden, destructive, wild, and threatening behaviour. Rage and violence.

  • Mental conditions include: mania; psychoses; increased strength; talking in a foreign language – with dilated pupils and red face.

Head and Face

  • Red during symptoms, sometimes quickly changing to pale.

  • Pulsating headache.

  • Spasmodic Jerking of the head.


  • Twitching and blinking.

  • Strabismus (eye turned in or out).

  • Extreme sensitivity to light.


  • Deep, loud, barking cough.


  • Convulsions, spasms, chorea, jerks, twitches.

  • Spasmodic effects from fright.


  • Night terrors and nightmares.


  • Febrile convulsions.

  • Violent delirium.

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