Fibroadenoma is a common non-cancerous tumor of breast. As the name suggests, Fibro adenoma consists of fibrous and glandular (adenomatous) tissue.
It is usually firm, smooth, well defined, marble-like, painless lump in breast which is easily movable within the breast. Its size may vary from small to big. It may be one or multiple. Fibro adenoma may be present in one or both the breasts.


Fibro adenomas seem to be affected by sex hormones especially Estrogen, hence it is common in women of child bearing age. It regresses after menopause due to low level of Estrogen. Though rare, it can be seen in menopausal women on Hormonal Replacement therapy. Exact causes behind Fibroadenoma of Breast are unknown.


Mass/ Lump under the skin of breast tissue which is-

  • Firm or solid

  • Painless

  • Well defined in terms of edges or borders

  • Rubbery

  • Smooth or round

  • Movable under skin

  • May be single or multiple

  • May present in one or both the breasts


  • Though Fibroadenomas are benign; they can distort breast shape if very big in size. This can lead to cosmetic concern in an affected woman. Such situation can lead to low self esteem and poor confidence. Also sometimes based on their locations, they can put pressure on surrounding nerves causing pain.

  • Most cases of fibroadenoma do not increase the risk of breast cancer but yet sometimes in some fibroadenomas there can be rapid tissue change resulting in tendency to malignancy. They become matter of much concern when the size increases.

  • Living under constant fear of getting cancer, even if your lump is diagnosed benign can be quite taxing. It can leave a negative impact on your physical, emotional and psychological health.

  • Women with a fibroadenoma can experience considerable psychological distress, financial burden, and further health complications due to intense anxiety and fear with respect to detection of cancer.

  • Surgical removal comes with its own risks and complications. There are risks of anaesthesia, distortion of breast shape, pain & bleeding after operation, post surgical infection and scarring Moreover many cases recur even after successful surgery. Hence, Homeopathic treatment for fibro adenoma of breast is noninvasive yet powerful natural treatment which proves to be a boon for many women.


  • Homeopathic treatment for fibro adenoma of breast is perfectly harmless, non invasive and safe treatment option. Homeopathy is very effective in managing symptoms of Fibroadenoma of Breast and has an excellent success rate. Homeopathy has world class medicines which treat Fibroadenoma of Breast from its roots without any side effects.

  • Homeopathy stimulates body’s healing capacities and gives great treatment in small, moderate sized fibroadenomas. Homeopathy is natural, safe and without any side-effects, and one can enjoy complete freedom from Fibroadenoma of Breast.

  • Homeopathy treats all cases of Fibroadenoma of Breast very effectively and also helps in preventing relapse of the condition.

  • Homeopathic treatment for Fibroadenoma of Breast has more than 100 natural, side-effect free remedies in its medicine bank for the treatment of this condition.