Gelsemium sempervirens is a twining vine with yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers. Homeopathic remedies prepared from this plant are used for symptoms of mental, emotional or physical weakness. People needing this remedy lack confidence, feel timid or cowardly, avoid challenges, and are prone to anticipation anxiety or fear. Avoidance leads to withdrawal and dullness. Physical symptoms include weakness, heaviness, trembling, diarrhoea, and frequent urination. Numbness or paralysis of body parts may occur. Symptoms follow fright, excitement, bad news, or anticipation.


  • Anticipation anxiety from any sort of ordeal such as exams, performances, and presentations.

  • Trembling and diarrhoea from anticipation or fright.

  • Heaviness and weakness with the trembling.

  • Paralysis from anxiety or fear.

Colds and Flu

  • Aching and heaviness of head, eyes, and muscles.

  • Weakness, heaviness, and trembling with any sort of exertion.

  • Chills alternate with flushes of heat (no sweat with fever).

  • Lack of thirst.

  • Useful remedy for when the patient complains of “never having been well since the flu”.

  • Heaviness, weakness, blurred vision and exhaustion.


  • Dull pain that starts on the back of the head and spreads to the forehead.

  • As though a tight band is around the head.

  • Heavy head – can hardly lift it.

  • Heavy eyelids – eyes half open.

  • Dizziness and visual disturbances – as if drunk.

  • Headache relieved by copious urination.

  • Thirstless.

For Pets

  • Flu-like symptoms with weakness and lack of energy.

  • Anxiety with any ordeal or event – shaking and trembling.

  • Grass sickness in horses.

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