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“Not everybody will love the physician, who boldly cuts with a knife into the rotten flesh of lies. The prejudice is powerful in the world, and he who touches an old bylaws, be prepared to be hated by thousands for it.“ ~ Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller

James Tyler Kent

“Eternal principles, themselves, are authority. The Law of Similars is a Divine Law.”

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Dare to know, onlinehealing.org is offering an online medication .

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Onlinehealing.org is offering an online medication and natural medical prescriptions.

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Spc./ Ghada Suliman



Dr. Nachwa Saied


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We are certified specialists in Kuwait

Awarded Certified specialist/ Ghada Soliman in cupping from the Alternative Medicine Association in Kuwait, the lecturers are Dr. Nasreen Sheikh and Sheikh Sameh Abdullah (Master of Cupping therapy in Kuwait)

جمعية الطب البديل بالكويت المحاضرين دكتورة نسرين شيخ و الشيخ سامح عبدالله شيخ الحجامين

Certified specialist/ Ghada Soliman in cupping from the The International Certificate in Homeopathy, the lecturers is Professor/ Abdul Hayy Holdijik.

The full practitioner certificate is accredited by The International Certificate in Homeopathy (I.C.Hom.) (9/9/2021)
International Certificate in Homeopathy - Professor Abdul Hayy Holdijik Www.h2rc2.com