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Homeopathy or homeopathy is one of the branches of what is called alternative medicine, which I think is better called integrative medicine for two reasons:

The first: specific to the word alternative medicine, because it is not an alternative medicine, but it must be the first step or the first choice in treating any patient, because if we look at any of the branches of integrative medicine, we will find that there are no harms or side effects for it, and there are no losses due to treatments. Which are said to be alternative treatments, and if some insist on calling them an alternative, I say that they are the first alternative, not the second.

The second: specific to the word integrative, which is that integrative medicine is the right direction or the correct understanding of medicine in general. Why?

Because he looks at the human being with an integral view, he looks at him from every direction, meaning that he does not take a part of him and leave a part because it is known that the human being is created from a body, a mind, a heart, a spirit, and so on. It is only a body, and this is the mistake in which Western medicine has fallen. Therefore, Western medicine is now spinning in a vicious circle of diseases, so whenever it treats one disease, another appears for it because it did not understand

Man originally looked at him with that materialistic view that he looked at everything in his life.

The materialistic idol will collapse in the largest country in the world, and so will the entire purely materialistic system in all fields, including the field of medicine.

We now see the tendency of the whole world to return to nature and to the objective, complementary view of man, after the results of this hollow view of man and everything became clear to everyone.


Dr. Shereen Al Alfy