Ledum palustre (Led.) is an important remedy for puncture wounds from stings, bites, or nail or thorn penetration. The affected area swells, feels cold to touch, and is mottled or bluish. It also suits joint swelling, pain or gout that is better for cold applications (even ice) and worsened by warmth. Those needing Ledum often dislike company and want to be alone.

Ledum palustre (Led.)

Bites and Stings

  • Animal, insect, or tick bites and stings that become cold, puffy and mottled.


  • Pain from puncture wounds (such as nails in sole of foot) or cuts to hands and feet which are relieved by cold compresses and worsened by warmth.

  • Septic states of wounds with swelling, mottling and coldness.

Joint Problems

  • Person may feel cold but cold applications relieve joint pains while warmth aggravates them.

  • Pain and stiffness in joints – better for cold applications and worse for warmth.

  • Rheumatism or pain starts in the small joints of lower limbs and moves upwards.

  • Rheumatism worsened by getting warm in bed.

  • Gout, especially of feet and knees, relieved by cold.

  • Sprains of joints, especially ankles.

  • Itching of feet and ankles.

Eye Problems

  • Black eye – pain in eyeball relieved by cold compresses.

For Pets

  • Puncture wounds.

  • Bites from fights. 

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