Staphisagria is a remedy for those who are gentle, sweet and selfless yet have suppressed emotions which cause physical or mental-emotional disturbances.

They either crave tobacco or are aggravated by tobacco smoke, and discharges (sweat, flatus, stool) may smell like rotten eggs. They dislike being touched and may be sleepy during the day but unable to sleep at night. They also feel worse following afternoon naps. A history of domination, abuse, or rape may be present.


Mental-emotional Symptoms

  • Easily offended and sensitive to rudeness.
  • Suppressed emotions such as indignation, anger, mortification, grief.
  • Ailments from grief, insults, humiliation, and anger.
  • Tendency to throw things or tremble with anger.
  • Intrusive sexual thoughts – romantic or erotic – which lead to frequent masturbation.
  • Low self-esteem and depression.

Stammering and stuttering.
– Headache feels like a ball or block of wood in either the forehead or back of head.

Eye Problems
– Styes leave small lumps in the eyelid.

Dental Problems
– Easy decay in children.
– Pain following tooth extraction or dental surgery.

Skin Problems
– Psoriasis eruptions, especially after grief, suppressed anger, or other strong emotions.
– Complaints following surgery or cuts. Wounds heal slowly.
– Sensitive and painful scars weeks or months following surgery.

Gastrointestinal Problems
– Constant swallowing or clearing of the throat while talking (relieves the tension of suppressed emotions).
– Colic from anger.

Bladder Problems
– Cystitis following first intercourse, or frequent cystitis after intercourse.

For Pets
– Cats spraying on furniture from resentment or anger.
– Painful surgical wounds and cuts. Complaints after spaying or neutering.

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