Silicea terra (Sil.) is a remedy for weakness and lack of resilience of both the physical and mental-emotional areas. Those needing it lack confidence and suffer from anticipation anxiety. They are prone to recurrent infections in which glands may swell. They are thirsty, tire easily, and are prone to constipation with a receding (“bashful”) stool. While the person is generally chilly, perspiration may be excessive on hands and feet, or scalp (especially in sleep) and smell sour. If sweat is suppressed, especially on the feet, other health complaints follow.  Infants needing Silica may “fail to thrive” and develop slowly throughout childhood. Physical problems arise with bone, hair, nails, teeth formation due to poor metabolism.

Silicea terra (Sil.)

Eye Problems

  • Infected tear duct.

  • Blocked tear duct of the newborn.


Skin Problems

  • Sweat on the scalp, especially during sleep.

  • Offensive sweat on the feet which may excoriate feet and rot the socks.

  • Acne that leaves pitted skin.

  • Abscesses and boils.

  • Bartholin’s cyst.


Nail Problems

  • Ingrown toenails.

  • White spots on nails, or weak, distorted nails.



  • Sinusitis that occurs with Meniere’s syndrome.

  • Dry nasal obstruction.

Ear Problems

  • Acute and chronic ear infections (otitis media).

Gastrointestinal (Digestive) Problems

  • Infants are unable to tolerate milk, even breast milk.

Dental Problems

  • Prone to infections or abscesses of the gum.

Bone & Joint Problems

  • Spinal defects and curvatures (scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis).

  • Bunions

Breastfeeding Problems

  • Mastitis

For Pets

  • Tendency to infections such as abscesses or mastitis.

  • Failure to thrive – runt of the litter.

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