Sepia officinalis is considered a main remedy for women but men and children also need it at times.

While children may be lively and excitable, adults are inclined to weariness, indifference, hardness, and irritability.

These physical and mental-emotional symptoms surprisingly improve with vigorous exercise. The person feels chilly, craves chocolate and sour things such as vinegar but dislikes fats, and consolation or sympathy. Symptoms generally improve in the evening, and milky discharges are common (mucus, vomit, urine, vaginal.)

Sepia officinalis (Sep.)

Mental-emotional Symptoms

  • Absent minded and forgetful. Dull, difficult thinking.

  • Lack of attachment and inability to feel love. Aversion to family members.

  • Irritability and easily angered. Want to be left alone.

  • Sarcastic, cutting comments, often followed by guilt and remorse.

  • Feel better when occupied. Mothers often prefer work outside the home.

  • Symptoms worse before, during, and after menstruation

  • Aversion to sexual intercourse. May feel guilty about their lack of interest.


  • Left-sided headaches, especially over the left eye.

  • Heaviness or drooping of eyelids during headache.

Menstrual / Menopausal Problems

  • Premenstrual syndrome.

  • Periods early, scanty, heavy, or painful.

  • Bearing down sensation with menstruation.

  • Hot flushes during menopause.

Skin Problems

  • Types of psoriasis

Urogenital and Gynaecological Problems

  • Stress incontinence (leakage of urine) with exertion, cough, sneeze, or laughter.

  • Types of genital herpes and warts.

  • Vaginitis with a white, milky discharge that causes itching.

  • Prolapse of the uterus with a bearing down sensation.

  • Infertility or tendency to miscarriage.

Gastrointestinal Problems

  • Empty feeling in stomach, even after eating.

  • Nausea and vomiting when pregnant – worsened by food odors.

  • Cracking of lips at the bottom centre or at the corners.

  • Sensation of a lump in the rectum

For Pets

  • Disinterest in surroundings, offspring, or companion animals.

  • Thrush, prolapse, or infertility.

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