General Information

Calendula Officinalis (Calen.) is prepared from the marigold plant of the daisy family. It’s used in herbal tinctures and homeopathic potencies to soothe sunburnt or chafed skin, control infection, and stimulate healing in wounds and lacerations. It can be used either topically (directly on the skin) or internally in homeopathic potencies. (If being applied topically, check the cream or lotion does not contain irritating alcohol.)

Injuries and Wounds

  • All types of wounds – open, torn, cut, lacerated, ragged, infected or suppurating.
  • Abrasions, incisions, and bed sores.
  • Wounds that threaten infection.
  • Infected ulcers.
  • Surgical wounds with poor healing and slow closure.
  • Stems bleeding from lacerations.
  • Chapped hands.
  • Helpful for skin conditions in which topical cortisone may otherwise be needed.

Dental Problems

  • Stems bleeding from dental extractions, reduces the risk of infection, and promotes healing.

Mental-emotional Symptoms

  • May have anxious thoughts that “something bad” will happen.

For Pets

  • Any sort of wound or laceration.
  • Wounds or lacerations that are either infected, or threatening infection.