Hypericum perforatum (Hyper.) is especially useful for injuries to nerve-rich areas such as fingers, toes, and the spine (especially the coccyx). It relieves the intense pain – either sharp, or shooting upwards along the nerve –  that follows crushes, blows, cuts, grazes, or puncture wounds to these areas. It also helps some types of phantom pain, and shock, or ailments that follow shock. Those needing Hypericum usually want warm drinks.

Hypericum perforatum (Hyper.)

Bites and Stings

Shooting pains up nerve pathways following animal bites and stings. 


Puncture wounds.

Injuries to finger-tips.

Shooting pain following injuries to the spine – worsened by raising arms.

Severe shooting pain upward along nerve pathways following injury (e.g. following a toenail or fingernail torn off, a finger jammed in a door, standing on a nail.)

Sore, bruised, shooting pains in tailbone (coccyx) following injury or childbirth. 

Dental Problems

Shooting nerve pain after dental. 


Shooting nerve pain following surgery.

Painful scars. 

For Pets

  • Puncture or crush wounds.

  • Insect bites and stings which are very sensitive to touch. 

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