General Information

Those needing Chamomilla (Cham.) are abnormally sensitive to ailments or pain. The pain feels unbearable and they respond with irritability and anger. Their complaints will be hostile, accusing and vehement. Anger or coffee / tea may also trigger pain. Children needing Chamomilla are hard to please and reject attempts to comfort or appease them. They cling and want to be carried, responding with anger or tantrums when put down. They may also kick, hit, or arch their back and scream angrily with earaches, teething or colic. One cheek may be red and the other pale.

Chamomile flowers

Gastrointestinal / Digestive Problems

  • Colic, especially in infants who arch their back with the crying.

  • Colic worsened by anger or irritation.

  • Stool liked chopped grass or spinach.

  • Rotten egg” odour to stool.

  • Nausea after coffee or warm drinks.

  • Yellow tongue and bilious vomiting.

Chamomilla (Cham.)

Teeth / Dental Problems

  • Painful and difficult teething that is worse for warmth or pressure (chewing).

  • Green diarrhoea with teething.

  • Toothache worse for warm food or drink; better for cold drinks.

Ear Problems

  • Acute or chronic otitis media (middle ear infections) with oversensitivity to pain.

  • Ear pain triggered or worsened by wind.

Menstrual (Period) Problems

  • Spasmodic, intolerable cramping that may extend to thighs.

  • Profuse bleeding with clots.


  • Thirsty, restless, and irritable.

  • Perspiration of scalp and covered parts.

  • One cheek flushed, the other pale.

For Pets

  • Mildly painful conditions cause oversensitivity and irritability.

  • Irritability with teething.

Chamomilla flowers

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